Sports became one routine that I do every week. I often went to the gym that is around where I live. Here there are badminton courts, fulsall field, volleyball court, basketball court. Existing facilities there are also quite complete. Every morning and evening the place was crowded used by local people.

But now where this sport has been poorly maintained and left abandoned, as a result many facilities are damaged or lost. Finally each want to exercise, I or other people have to find a sports center that menyediahan facility to exercise. Sport centers that are here are limited place. Every sport we want should be first message. We also have to spend no small cost to rent the place.

That’s what made ​​me think of this center develop sports business. There are several factors that attracted me to develop this business, namely:
1. The limited existing sport center
2. business opportunities
3. The availability of land in favor of

In addition to these factors, I also want to improve and manage sports facilities back preexisting place I stay longer in order to function properly.


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